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An Ugly Family Tradition

Rascal continues dynasty of ugly



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    A Bay Area family has something ugly to be proud of: their dog.

    Rascal has a face only a panel of judges could love. His eyes are buggy, his tongue sticks out  of his toothless mouth and he's hairless -- except for a mohawk on his head.

    The Sunnyvale Chinese Crested took home the top prize at this year's Ugly Dog contest in Del Mar over the weekend. He competed in the contest last year but was edged out by an uglier pooch named Chomper. This year, Chomper took home the bronze.

    But Rascal is an old-timer when it comes to looking good -- and ugly -- for judges. Among his titles are the "Oldest Ugly Dog" and the "I'm so Ugly I'm Cute" dog. He has been a guest on the "Tonight Show" and has had cameos in three horror films.

    Rascal comes from a dynasty of ugly. His grandmother, grandfather and mother have all been crowned winners in the contest. His grandfather, Chi Chi, is in the Guinness Book of World Records for winning the most ugly dog contests and was undefeated with seven ugly dog wins.

    Rascal's owner, Dan Andrew, describes his pride and joy on the Ugly Dog blog:

    Some people are calling him a Space Alien, and even nicknamed, Hairless Potter, but to us he is just our loving little Family member.

    This is the 15th annual Ugly Dog contest. The event raises money for animal care organizations.

    Stay ugly, Rascal!