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Angry Bees Not Happy With County Fair



    Angry Bees Not Happy With County Fair
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    Nearly 100 people were stung by bees at the Alameda County Fair in  Pleasanton on Friday night after a hive was apparently disturbed during a  fireworks display, a fire department spokeswoman said.

    The fireworks show started at around 9:15 p.m., and by about 9:30  p.m., fair patrons who had been sitting in a grandstand began showing up at a  first aid station with bee stings, Alameda County Fire Department spokeswoman  Aisha Knowles said.

    Alameda County firefighters treated close to 100 people, some with  multiple stings, Knowles said. The victims ranged from a 6-month-old infant  to a 60-year-old adult.

    No one had an allergic reaction to the stings and no one needed to  be taken to a hospital.

    Knowles said there were around 5,000 people sitting in the  grandstand for the fireworks show.

    The Alameda County Sheriff's Office and the Alameda County Fire  Department prepares for the possibility of an incident with multiple  casualties, and the first aid station was capable of tending to everyone who  needed medical attention for bee stings, Knowles said.