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Anonymous Goes Public with Oakland City Officials' Contact Info

Reach out and touch some Quan.



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    Occupy Oakland is now getting Web-based support from the hacktivists at Anonymous.

    Ever wanted to send Oakland Mayor Jean Quan a personal note? Now you can, thanks to Anonymous.

    The oh-so-prevalent "hacktivist" collective injected itself into the Occupy Oakland situation on Tuesday when it posted online contact information of Oakland city officials, according to the Oakland Tribune.

    Anonymous published a Web page with the "personal contact information" of Mayor Jean Quan and her husband, City Administrator Deanna Santana, police Chief Howard Jordan, City Attorney Barbara Parker, and all eight City Council members, the newspaper reported.

    Only Council member Rebecca Kaplan, who ran for mayor with Quan in 2010 and who used a ranked-choice voting strategy -- the two council members encouraged their supporters to rank each other as a No. 2 vote -- that ensured Quan's victory, was "spared": Anonymous posted only her office number and said that Kaplan was a "leader" in the community.

    Anonymous has been involved in radical Bay Area politics for some time: over the summer, the group posted personal information of BART employees, including former spokesman Linton Johnston, during the imbroglio over BART shutting down cell phone signals in its tunnels to stymie a protest.

    City officials could not be reached for comment, the newspaper said. But Anonymous had plenty to say, calling out Oakland leaders for its "violent" response to Occupy Oakland protests.

    "Anonymous has been watching. Since the inception of Occupy Oakland, We have been actively monitoring your behavior, and exposing the identities and sensitive information of Officers of the Oakland Police Department; as they have continued to act in an unprofessional and violent manner," the group warned.