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Anthony Davis' Tweets Add Fuel to Harbaugh-Schwartz Fire

49ers tackle takes to Twitter to rip Detroit Lions and their coach



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    Anthony Davis has no problem expressing how he feels on Twitter.

    Jim Harbaugh's wallet may not get raided by NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell for Sunday's handshake scuffle but one man who may suffer the financial fall out of the fight is 49ers offensive tackle Anthony Davis.

    The 22-year-old second year player acted as a 320-pound human shield between Detroit Lions' head coach Jim Schwartz and Harbaugh.

    But it's not Davis' peacemaking ways that are likely to get him in trouble. Instead the tackle's comments on Twitter after the game are sure to earn him a fine from the league.

    Shortly after the game, Davis posted several NSFW messages on his Twitter account, ripping the Detroit Lions and Schwartz for his antics.

    The posts have since been deleted, but are still available for reading on Lions' fan pages.

    The words also caught the virtual ear of some of the Lions' players. Cliff Avril tweeted back to Davis and promised that the two teams will meet again.

    The exchange of words was not the only thing inspired by the Harbaugh-Schwartz bout, some enterprising fans have also put out shirts to commemorate the occasion.

    They are available now for $18.