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Apocalypse Eventually: End of World Now Set for October

October 21 is the next prediction for the end of the world from Family Radio's Harold Camping, who says that this end time won't be accompanied by a media blitz.



    Apocalypse Eventually: End of World Now Set for October
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    If Harold Camping was a bit mollified Monday when addressing his Family Radio listeners for the first time since his May 21 Rapture prediction failed to pan out -- the second failed prediction from the East Bay-based radio preacher -- he didn't shy away from instructing the faithful to save yet another date for the end of the world.

    October 21 is the next latest endgame prediction, Camping told a roomful of reporters while simultaneously broadcasting on his Christian radio network. And this time, there won't be any promotional campaign -- or any time to process the meaning of it all, because that's when God will immediately ravage the world with earthquakes and burn to death millions of faithless unbelievers, the Oakland Tribune reported.

    The billboards and media attention that made the May 21 Rapture prediction the news of the day won't happen this time around, Camping added.

    The weekend "was a very difficult time" for Camping, who said he and his wife stayed in a motel after the Saturday fizzling-out to escape the intense media attention and disappointment from his followers (such as the ones who donated millions of dollars to his church in the past few years). But after watching TV and praying, Camping became confident enough to remind us that the actual Rapture date was October 21 all long -- May 21 was just the beginning of the end, he said.

    And maybe Camping wasn't entirely wrong: A small earthquake, 3.6 on the Richter Scale, did hit the East Bay on Saturday evening, about an hour after Camping's predicted 6 p.m. Rapture time.

    As for Camping's first failed prediction, that the world would end in 1994? That was just the end of the beginning of the end, when God ceased a six-year examination of the world's churches.

    Confused? Don't worry, all will be made clear in October.