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Apocalypse Nigh? Group Says God Brings It May 21

Oakland's Family Radio does the math, says Saturday is the end of the world.



    Apocalypse Nigh? Group Says God Brings It May 21
    Family Radio Worldwide's Harold Camping "prematurely" - and incorrectly -- predicted the end of the world in 1994.

    The thing about predicting the end of the world is the predictor is in a "fool me hundreds of times, shame on me" situation. That said, Oakland-based Family Radio Worldwide is predicting the Apocalypse to rain down on May 21st -- that's Saturday, people.

    To help prepare those still here on May 22 is a Facebook group, "Post Rapture Looting" with more than 100,000 "attending." The American Atheists are also planning a post-rapture party (our story here).

    And to really ratchet up the competition, there's an even (bigger?) group extolling Dec. 21, 2012, as the "real" end of the world.

    Normally not big news (dozens of known predictions have failed, of course), this one is getting some press, mostly because Harold Camping has already predicted the end of the world. He admits his math was wrong, though (fool us once, shame on us). 

    Doomsday Predictions

    [BAY] Doomsday Predictions
    Better live life to the fullest and wrap up any unfinished business before Saturday because that's when the world is ending-- Saturday--at 6pm.That apocalyptic prediction from the founder of family radio. It?s a Christian radio station based out of Oakland. It's 89 year old prophesier says the rapture is coming. NBC Bay Area?s Jean Elle reports.
    (Published Thursday, May 19, 2011)

    This time, after massaging the numbers and scrutinizing the Christian scriptures, he's sure May 21 is it. Definitely. "The bible guarantees it!" the site scolds. The end time is pinned to the 7,000th anniversary of the great flood that Noah prepared for and barely survived.

    May 21 is the beginning of the end, according to Camping, but months of torturous devastation will follow. The actual end date for earth is Oct. 21, 2011, Camping says.

    Some other signifiers (besides the national billboard campaign), according to their site, are "Gay Pride: Sign of the End" and "Another Infallible Proof" (which we did not click).

    The real twist here is, what would a potential May 22 sermon be like? "Fool us twice" and all that.

    And don't even get started on Dec. 21, 2012.