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Apple Fans Pay People To Stand In Line For iPhone 5

What would you pay someone to wait in line for you for an iPhone 5?



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    Friday's release of the iPhone 5 is expected to be a massive fiscal windfall for Apple, which may sell as many as 10 million units of its signature product.

    But it's a good day for another type of jobs: to be paid to wait in line by Apple "fanboys" eager to get their hands on the new product, but unwilling to wait in line, according to reports.

    For example, Charlie Hufnagel, 24, is being paid $1,500 to stand in line outside the Apple store in San Francisco from Monday until today, according to the San Francisco Chronicle.

    Others are finding work via TaskRabbit, the online task-assigning Website, to stand in line for less time and less money -- but it's still money, a company spokesman pointed out.

    "As of Thursday morning, there were 230 people" in New York and San Francisco willing to pay anyone to stand in line for them for a new iPhone, at the rate of $55 for four hours, the Chronicle reported.

    This new iPhone will have a bigger screen, a lighter body, a faster processor, and may even be able to make phone calls, depending upon your carrier. Geeks did gawk and geek out over the phone's ability to serve better as a computer, handling online tasks like Web browsing with relative ease.

    The new iPhone costs $199 to $399 with a new service plan.