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Apple Makes Strict Secrecy Demands for iPad

Developers must not let iPad off leash, near windows



    Apple Makes Strict Secrecy Demands for iPad
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    Apple's paranoia and controlling contracts are nothing new, and come straight from the top.

    Apple is known for being fiercely protective of its secrecy, especially when launching new devices, so it comes as no surprise that the company is making paranoid demands on third-party application developers.

    Applications must be submitted by March 27 for them to be available for the iPad's launch in April, but if you want to actually test it on an iPad? You'll have to follow some strict rules:

    • The iPad must have it's own, lockable room;
    • All windows of said room must be blacked-out;
    • The iPad must be leased to a fixed object at all times;
    • And of course you must sign a non-disclosure agreement, under penalty of Apple CEO Steve Jobs's unholy rage.

    The company will probably offer it's own elements of subterfuge, offering up uniquely identifiable units so that any photos or details that do pop up can be traced back to their source, who is summarily executed by the press of a button from the rumored "Remote Destruct" feature built into every iPad.

    Jackson West is kidding. Kind of.