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Apple Yahoo Earning Release



    Apple Yahoo Earning Release

    Two Bay Area bell-weathers will show their cards today after the closing bell on Wall Street.

    We're talking about Apple and Yahoo.

    Watch for Apple sales of iPods to shrink - as the traditional music players sales are eclipsed by the iPad and iPhone

    Meanwhile, Gizmodo has published videos and photographs of the newest iPhone.  Apple has sent a letter asking for its property back.  Quite the buzz on the Internet.

    The Apple engineer who lost the phone has also been identified, but we didn't discuss that on the morning show - didn't seem fair to hold him up to the derision he's getting on the Internet.  Crazy though.

    I fully expect one of us in the reporter/analyst crowd will ask Apple about the security breach on the conference call this afternoon. 

    The company also updated its shipping date on the 3G version of its iPad - it's due April 30th, earlier than previously reported.

    As for Yahoo,  I don't expect to hear much, but do be aware that this is the time of the quarter that companies make major announcements (eg, layoffs, purchases, etc).