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Army Mom's Sweet But Short Family Reunion



    Army Mom's Sweet But Short Family Reunion
    Alexis Hutchinson with her son, Kamani.

    The Army mom arrested over refusing deployment to Afghanistan because she had nobody to care for her 10-month-old baby is back together with her son, if only for a few more days.

    Military police took Alexis Hutchinson into custody in November after she skipped her deployment flight to Afghanistan. Hutchinson says she had no choice because there was no one to care for her son, Kamani, while she was overseas.

    Army officials granted Hutchinson leave for the holidays and she was allowed to return home to Oakland, where her mother, Angelique Hughes, is taking care of Kamani. Hutchinson plans to talk to media on Monday, her attorney said.

    Hutchinson "is overjoyed to see her son after being separated from him." Hutchinson's attorney, Rai Sue Sussman said. "It was very difficult to say good-bye to him under the circumstances, and she is enjoying re-bonding with her son and giving her mother a break. She also looks forward to finding a resolution of her situation."

    Hutchinson's mother cannot take care of Kamani during the year-long deployment because she runs a daycare center at her home and is already taking care of other relatives, many with illnesses and special needs. 

    Hutchinson has a pending discharge request for reasons of parenthood. She must leave her son again and return to Hunter Army Airfield, near Savannah, GA, in early January. She still faces the possibility of a court martial.