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Aug. 30 Key Day for San Bruno Disaster



    Aug. 30 Key Day for San Bruno Disaster
    Answers could come soon on what made this pipe burst open last September.

        The National Transportation Safety Board will hold a meeting in  Washington, D.C., later this month to discuss a draft final report on the  investigation into the Sept. 9 gas pipeline explosion in San Bruno.

        Lead investigators will present their findings on the explosion to  the five-member board on Aug. 30, NTSB spokesman Peter Knudson said.     The presentation will cover topics including what caused the  pipeline to rupture, the emergency response, and the human toll of the  tragedy, which killed eight people and destroyed 38 homes.
        Board members will ask questions and discuss the findings, Knudson  said.
        Revisions will then be made to the draft before the NTSB issues a  final version of the report, a process that typically takes a couple of  weeks, Knudson said.
        San Bruno Mayor Jim Ruane, City Manager Connie Jackson and other  city officials will be traveling to the Capitol to attend the meeting,  Jackson said.
        "We think it's incredibly important that we're there to hear and  understand the board members' discussion and their final action on the  report," Jackson said.
        No advance information about the content of the report will be  released before it is presented to the board, Jackson said.
        "We don't know what the results will be," she said. "We'll hear  them at the same time everybody else does at the board meeting."
        NBC Bay Area reporter Vicky Nguyen will travel to D.C. for the hearing and report on the hearing.