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Ex-Bonds Trainer Banned From Youth Baseball

Greg Anderson, the man convicted of distributing steroids to Barry Bonds, has been banned from coaching his son's youth baseball team.



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    Greg Anderson, the former trainer for Barry Bonds and alleged supplier of the Cream and the Clear, has been barred from coaching his kid's Little League team.

    Years after the news broke, weeks after the Barry Bonds trial ended, the BALCO steroids scandal continues to rock baseball at all levels.

    Including youth baseball in Burlingame.

    Greg Anderson, Barry Bonds's former trainer who served time in jail for refusing to testify against the ex Giants slugger, has been banned from coaching his son's youth baseball team in Burlingame, according to reports.

    Anderson had coached for years until a parent complained about his participation, according to Burlingame Youth Baseball Association president Mike Brunicardi. Anderson, it turns out, is not a registered coach, and is ergo prohibited from being on the field during games.

    Nobody complained about Anderson's participation until this season, Brunicardi said.

    Anderson's is not a lifetime ban. The convicted steroids dealer may register as a volunteer next season and undergo a background check, like all other registered volunteer coaches, Brunicardi said.

    In other words, while it's likely the high profile case didn't help him, the steroid scandal had nothing to do with Anderson's youth baseball ban.

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