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BART Approves Bicycles on Fridays Only

It's bicycle time on BART -- on Fridays only.



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    Scott Budman

    Welcome to BART, bicycle commuters. On Fridays only.

    The transit agency will open its rush-hour trains to bicycle-carrying commuters on Fridays only, according to the San Francisco Examiner.

    Bikes are currently barred from station platforms and trains during the morning and evening commute, except for foldable bicycles, the newspaper reported. The agency will allow bicycles during the commute on Fridays beginning in August in a pilot program, the newspaper reported.

    Passengers say that bicycle-holding commuters take up twice the space of a regular passenger.

    Bikes would still be banned from the first car on trains and on trains deemed too crowded.

    BART officials will decide whether to lift the ban on bikes altogether or to continue the pilot program past August after determining how the bicycles affect transit times, the newspaper reported.