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BART Police Investigating Sex Tape

Infamous video will test BART decency laws.



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    An amateur video shot of a couple copulating on a BART train has gone viral -- and now it's going to get someone in trouble, if BART police has anything to do with it.

    BART police are looking into the video, shot on one of the system's trains, of two people having sex on one of the -- older and carpeted -- seats, according to reports.

    Some 1.4 million people have viewed the video, shot at an unknown time but on a train that appears to be crossing the Transbay Tube.

    The "porn video," as the San Jose Mercury News is describing it, could get the couple banned from trains for up to a year, according to a BART spokeswoman.

    In the video, the couple is seen having sex on the train while an accomplice films the activity from across the aisle.