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BART Protests Fizzle



    BART Protests Fizzle
    Thomas Hawk (via Flickr)
    The BART trains will keep running of course, while the board of directors look for a new leader.

    It was quite the ride while it lasted, but it appears Anonymous has moved onto bigger and better things.
    The weekly BART protests organized by the hacktivist collective -- so pledged since Aug. 11, when the transit agency shut down cell phone signals on platforms to thwart another group's planned demonstrations -- appear to have either hit a low ebb or fizzled out entirely, as only three demonstrators appeared Monday afternoon, according to the San Francisco Examiner.

    Last week, the demonstrations moved from prior strategies -- marching in streets, shutting down intersections and BART stations -- to quietly handing out literature to passengers on trains.

    Anonymous, whose members sometimes wear the signature Guy Fawkes masks in public, had pledged to stage demonstrations every week or until BART met a list of its demands, including disarming the BART police and firing BART spokesman Linton Johnson, who had defended BART's decision to cut off cell phone signals.

    Another group, No Justice No BART, has been protesting the transit agency this summer since July 3, when BART police shot and killed a transient on the Civic Center platform.

    At their peak, the demonstrations attracted over 100 people, the newspaper reported. Roughly 40 people have been arrested over the course of the protests, according to the Examiner.