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BART Releases Another Video of July 3 Shooting



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    BART police released a second video from security cameras  operating during a July 3 officer-involved shooting late Friday, but said it  held no "evidentiary value."
        The video, taken from a camera at the Civic Center/UN Plaza BART  station, shows an area approximately 600 feet away from the fatal shooting of  Charles Hill, 45, and on the opposite platform. No sign of the shooting can  be seen in the footage.

        BART police Chief Kenton Rainey released the tape Friday after  initially saying there was no other video available from the shooting.     "I was misinformed," Rainey said this evening. "In the interest of  transparency, I'm ordering the immediate release of the video, which the  public can view on BARTtv."
        Rainey said the video was turned over to the San Francisco Police  Department immediately after the shooting and that BART's independent auditor  also has a copy.
        A video from another security camera released on Thursday does not  show Hill, as it shows only part of the platform, but it shows what police  say are a bottle and a knife being thrown at the officers.
        The two officers were called to the station around 9:45 p.m. on  July 3 after BART received reports that Hill was carrying an open bottle of  alcohol and was wobbling on the platform.
        Hill was shot three times, allegedly after throwing a knife and  bottle at the officers. A second knife was also found on the platform and  BART police believe Hill was armed with that knife as well, Rainey said.
        Investigations into the incident are being conducted by the San  Francisco Police, the San Francisco District Attorney's Office, the BART  Police Department's internal affairs unit and BART Independent Police Auditor  Mark Smith.
        The public can view the videos on BART's website.