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BART Settles With Oscar Grant's Mother



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    A mural of Oscar Grant in downtown Oakland.

    BART has reached a settlement with the family of Oscar Grant, according to Grant's family attorney.

    The organization reached a settlement of $1.3 million with Wanda Johnson, Grant's mother. This is the second and final settlement in the $50 million case. The first settlement was with Oscar's daughter, Tatiana, for $1.5 million.

    “The tragic death of Oscar Grant will remain a painful memory for all of us,” BART Board President Bob Franklin said. “While we cannot alter the past, we have been using the lessons learned as a catalyst to change our future. We on the BART Board have been continuously taking the actions needed to improve the BART Police Department to ensure our officers are better-trained and better-equipped and we’re working with the community and our customers to earn their trust and confidence by keeping them safe and secure.”

    An unarmed Grant was shot by former BART police officer Johannes Mehserle in 2009. Mehserle said he meant to pull out his Tazer but accidentally shot Grant with his gun instead.

    A jury agreed and convicted him of involuntary manslaughter. Mehserle was released from prison earlier this month.