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BART To Get New Seats



    BART To Get New Seats
    This is what the new look Bart trains could look like.

    BART may be getting an upholstery overhaul.

    As BART prepares for new cars to be added to the fleet, employees are testing out new seats, reports The Bay Citizen.

    “Can I live with a seat that's 2 inches narrower, to give more people overall the chance to get on the train comfortably?” wrote Jordan on the BART website. “Can I live with some type of seat that's less cushiony -- maybe padded vinyl instead of fabric -- if it's easier to keep clean?”

    But do not fear, BART plans to let the public test out the seating change before making a final decision.

    When BART was rolled out back in the early 1970's, the cloth seats seemed quite posh, but after time, and countless spills, and more commuters, the upholstery just became too hard to clean, compared ot hard plastic or vinyl.

    ---------------------- Video from TheBayCitizen on YouTube.