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BART Tracks to Get Bike Path



    BART Tracks to Get Bike Path
    Bicyclists are fighting for their right to the roads.

    Sick of waiting for a train? Maybe it's time to break out the bikes.

    Alameda will build 12 miles of bike lanes underneath an elevated track from Oakland to Hayward, according to the CC Times.

    Once it's finished, the East Bay Greenway will wind through Oakland, San Leandro, the always-popular unincorporated areas of Alameda County, and Hayward. At an estimated cost of $30-$35 million, only a small portion has been funded so far.

    Nevertheless, planners are confident that the money will be in place soon.

    It could take a year to start work, since the project is so broad. It'll require extensive environmental study.

    The added foot traffic could be a boon to small businesses along the tracks. Commuters might one day take their bikes on BART, and then ride the rest of the way to work along the trail, stopping along the way to run errands or grab a snack.

    Bike trails have been gaining in popularity recently, particularly in relation to public transit. Marin recently opened the Alto Tunnel, a former rail tunnel.