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BART Worker Hailed as Hero for Defending Woman Chased by Naked Man

Antioch man who came to defend woman chased by naked man to be honored by BART's police chief



    A video of a naked man chasing after a woman and performing acrobatics inside the 16th Street Mission BART station has gone viral. The video also shows a man stepping in to defend that woman when no one else did. Terry McSweeney reports. Read the full story here. (Published Friday, June 14, 2013)

    A video of a naked man running through a San Francisco BART station has gone viral.

    The man, seen screaming and doing acrobatics at the 16th and Mission Street station, ran after a woman and pushed her to the floor.

    But there was another man captured in the video. And that man is now being hailed as a hero for coming to the woman's defense when no one else would.

    That man, Duane Bullard of Antioch, is a BART service worker.

    Bullard said he saw the naked man about to punch the woman.

    "I had no choice but to react," he said.

    The station was crowded during the May 10 incident. While Bullard got involved, others kept their distance.

    "They reacted by pulling out their cameras and filming it, and that's it," he said. "That's all the assistance I can get, but I wasn't looking for no one else to help."

    Bullard said he thought of his loved ones when he confronted the naked crazed man in defense of the woman.

    "I'm thinking of my mom, my sister, my wife and ladies in my church," he said. "It could have been any ladies I know. I want someone to do the same for my family, so I just did what I should be doing -- helping."

    BART's police chief plans to honor Bullard at a later date.

    Officials also treated Bullard to dinner and gave him the day off with pay for his courage.

    "It's okay, but I wasn't looking for that," Bullard said of being labeled a hero. "I was just doing it because that's what's right."

    As for the naked man?

    He was taken for a psychiatric evaluation and then arrested for battery.

    For more on the BART incident, view Terry McSweeney's report by clicking on the play button in the video above.

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