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BART's Labor Contract Deadline Nears



    A looming BART strike could happen 10 days from now at stations across the Bay Area. Christie Smith reports from Fremont. (Published Thursday, June 20, 2013)

    A looming BART strike could happen in 10 days, and BART union employees began handing out fliers on Thursday morning to let riders know about labor contracts about to expire.

    BART managers, union leaders and state mediators are at the negotiation table. But all involved said they are nowhere near a deal.

    The two largest unions, SEIU and ATU, have strike authorization votes set for June 25.

    The current contracts expire June 30.

    BART's Labor Contract Deadline Nears

    [BAY] BART's Labor Contract Deadline Nears
    Union members on Thursday will hand out information to BART riders to let them know the current labor contract expires June 30, and no deal has yet to be made. Jean Elle reports.
    (Published Wednesday, June 19, 2013)

    Rama Duvvuri, a regular BART rider, said he hopes a deal can be reached soon.

    "I couldn't commute from Fremont everyday if there wasn't BART," he said. "No way I could do that."

    Union leaders and management both said they don't want to see a strike.