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Stow Friends Speak About Savage Attack

During a special report on NBC's Rock Center, Stow took part in simple conversation with NBC's Nancy Snyderman, and his friends gave new details about the savage attack he endured at Dodger Stadium earlier this year.



    Exclusive: A Day in the Life of Bryan Stow

    For the first time we hear from Stow's friends about the attack outside Dodger Stadium. (Published Tuesday, Dec. 20, 2011)

    Nine months ago, Giants fan Bryan Stow traveled to LA with friends to see his team take on their arch rivals at Dodger Stadium on March 31. The group was attacked by two men wearing Dodger gear following the game.

    On Monday, for the first time, those friends gave a description of the savage attack.

    "He was punched with a haymaker in the side of the head," said Stow friend Corey Maciel. "First thing that hit the ground was the back of his head, and I watched his head bounce off the asphalt, and heard it."

    During the worst of the attack, Macial said he and another friend ran to help Stow.

    "Jeff and I actually got to him right about the same time, and jumped on top of him (Stow) covered him up. Pleading for these guys to stop."

    On Monday night the NBC news magazine Rock Center aired a special report about Stow. Stow's family allowed cameras into his rehab center.

    In the report Dr. Nancy Snyderman walks up to Stow is who sitting on a bed and introduces herself. He responds by asking, "How are you?"

    When she responds that she is "doing very well thank you," Stow says "That's good."

    "Honestly, I saw his CT scan before I met him," says Snyderman, " and I didn't think his CT scan could exist in somebody who survived an attack. It was so stunningly abnormal. So I was surprised he was doing as well as he was."

    "To say that he's disabled, I think that's a given," says Snyderman. "The question will be, how much will he be able to take care of himself, and we're years out from knowing that."