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Bankrupt City About To Give Cops Big Raise



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    Like residents of Vallejo needed more controversy amidst city bankruptcy, the mortgage meltdown and violent crime.

    There's aren't many cities in the Bay Area that have a worse budget situation then Vallejo.

    It is still trying to pull itself out from under a huge economic mess, including filing for bankruptcy.

    So why are Vallejo police officer set to receive a substantial raise in just a matter of weeks?  It is a question many are asking.

    The seven percent raise for all Vallejo cops kicks in July 1. It was part of a labor contract negotiated after Vallejo filed for that bankruptcy protection back in 2008.

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    Since then, the number of officers in Vallejo has gone from 155 to 104.  Barring some reprieve on next month's raise, some city officials project the number could drop to fewer than 90.

    Vallejo city council member Joanne Schivley says the cops shouldn't take the raise. "To be accepting a seven percent raise when there's an opportunity to say okay we're not going to take it is inconceivable to me given the current situation," Schivley said.

    Last year's total compensation, including benefits, in the VPD was about $177,000.  That ranks well above many Bay Area cities.

    The head of the Vallejo police officer's association did not return calls Wednesday night, but has pointed out in the past that after the city declared bankruptcy, officers agreed to a 6.5 percent salary cut and gave up raises for two years.

    Right now, it looks like the option the city is using is to ask officers to fore go their pending raise.