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Bartz's Colorful Mouth Could Cost Her Green



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    That's not a look of happiness on her face. Yahoo CEO could have put her severance package in jeopardy with her colorful mouth, according to a report by Fortune. Photo: Yodel Anectodel on Flickr

    Carol Bartz's own words may have f'ed her more than her board.

    Last week when the fired Yahoo CEO opened her notorious sailor mouth to lash out at her former employer, Bartz may have cost herself $10 million.

    Bartz told Fortune that the board of "doofuses" fired her over the phone and didn't "have the balls" to tell her in person.

    She went on to say that Yahoo's board "f----d me over." While the venting may have felt good, it may cost her a fortune.

    Yahoo CEO Bartz Out...Morse In

    [BAY] Yahoo CEO Bartz Out...Morse In
    Carol Bartz is fired as Yahoo CEO. Tim Morse become interim CEO.
    (Published Wednesday, Sept. 7, 2011)

    A cooler Bartz did resign from Yahoo's board over the weekend, something she told Fortune she wasn't planning on doing.

    Bartz reportedly had a clause in her contract "barring her from trashing the internet operation." A source told Fortune that Bartz's potty mouth could cost her some, if not all, of her $10.4 million severance.

    Something tells us she won't let that happen without a fighting word.