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Holy Hero Hot Wheels, Batman!

The car is street legal, minus the use of it's 5-foot long exhaust flame.



    Holy Hero Hot Wheels, Batman!
    The replica Batmobile looks much like this original, which was used during a celebrity fundraiser in Beverly Hills.

    Comic book enthusiasts rejoice, you can now get your hands on the batmobile.

    An exact replica of the original Batmobile from the 1960s series starring Adam West is now on sale at Dublin's Moda Auto Lounge.  

    Dave Warren, the sales manager at Moda Auto won't reveal who made the replica, but says it was a Fortune 500 CEO who lives in Pleasanton and has a passion for all things Batman. 

    The car is on sale for $60,000, which Warren says is probably less than what the unnamed CEO spent making the model.

    The replica stays as true to the original as possible. It includes Batman symbols on all of the wheels and doors of the car. There's also a red flashing light and siren, and an exhaust system that shoots out five-foot flames with the flip of a switch.

    The car is mainly fiberglass, and is actually built atop a 1979 Lincoln Chassis, with a high performance Corvette LS1 engine.

    News of the Batmobile has even reached Hollywood, where Warner Bros. and DC Comics, the creators of Batman, have given the thumbs up to sell the car. They won't however, allow Moda to put the car on its website or advertise it due to trademark issues.

    That doesn't seem to be a problem for the dealership however. By putting the car in their front display, it has gotten more than enough attention from passerbys who come in to check it out.

    Warren says a lot of people have shown interest in the car, and a lucky few have even been able to take it on a test drive, but no one is yet to purchase it.