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Bay Area Biotech Drug Delays Cancer

Threshold stock jumps 60 percent



    Bay Area Biotech Drug Delays Cancer
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    A Bay Area company may have a new way to help fight cancer.

    The fitght against cancer just got a new high-tech ally.

    Threshold Pharmaceuticals, based in Redwood City, announced that its drug, called TH-302, will, according to tests, delay pancreatic cancer in patients with advanced forms of the disease. 

    It's another exciting development in the fight against the disease, and both patients and company investors are celebrating today.  Threshold stock (THLD) jumped a quick 60 percent on the news Tuesday morning.

    Threshold is developing the drug with German pharma giant Merck. The company says it saw a two-month increase in the time before the disease worsened with TH-302 than without it.  Enough of a result, apparently, to get people excited.

    As with all small biotech companies, investing in this sort of thing is a risky move for your portfolio. 

    That said, investments like this help forward research in the fight against cancer.  A development lots of people are hopeful about today.

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