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Bay Area Company Adds Jobs In Texas



    Bay Area Company Adds Jobs In Texas
    Electronic Arts

    Texas is giving California a run for its money - when it comes to luring high tech businesses.

    Redwood City-based Electronic Arts says it's adding 300 jobs in Central Texas.

    The video game company says half of its new hires will be staff, while the other half will be contract workers.

    Available positions include: software engineers, artists, game designers, and programmers.

    Right now, Electronic Arts has about 450 employees in Texas -- all in the Austin area.

    The governor of Texas, Rick Perry, says Texas is home to the second largest video gaming industry in the country with $25 billion in total annual revenue. California is ranked No. 1.

    Perry says Texas is "ready to compete for a bigger piece of that pie."

    EA Sports is the developer behind games including "Madden NFL" and "FIFA Soccer."