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Bay Area Deals With Extreme Heat Wave



    Bay Area residents try to keep cool during a heat wave that has stormed the region. Stephanie Chuang reports. (Published Tuesday, July 2, 2013)

    108 degrees – that’s what the Martinez family estimates Tracy’s temperature reached on Tuesday.

    In the afternoon, David and Jessica Martinez took their 15-month-old son to the water fountain in downtown Livermore for some cool and free relief.

    “Something like this where they can go and it doesn’t cost any money, so that’s great, especially for families tight on money,” Martinez said. “It’s actually really unbearable. We actually drive a black car with no AC, so it’s even hotter inside our car than it usually is outside.”

    Pleasanton hit triple-digits, as did Livermore, San Ramon and much of the East Bay.

    Nathan Collins, a supervisor with Sky Power Solar based in San Ramon, said he has to help his workers install solar panels on roves in the Tri-Valley area.

    “People definitely get lightheaded and dizzy,” Collins said. “[Then it’s] time to get down, get cover and hydrate. We actually had a guy who crashed his car on the way home because he just didn’t realize how dehydrated and tired he was just from being in the sun.”

    Still, some weren’t as sympathetic. Daniel Perez and Ralph Salcido work as delivery men, both from Merced. NBC Bay Area spoke with them as they made their last stop in Pleasanton.

    “It is cakewalk here because the heat here is not as humid as it is in the valley from where we’re at in Merced,” said Salcido.

    Perez added, “You can feel it even worse - it’s just sticky. Being out here it’s a lot fresher, it makes a big difference.”

    Joe Testa, a battalion chief with the Livermore-Pleasanton Fire Department, told NBC Bay Area over the phone that medical calls go up about 25 percent during these sorts of heat waves.

    The fact that the heat is staying for several days is what Testa said was worrisome.

    Long-time East Bay residents like Pam Deaton, who works for the City of Pleasanton, agreed.

    “As a resident for 20 years here, and I grew up in Danville all my life, I think the issue this time is such an extended period of time,” Deaton said.

    With the heat waves, Livermore police say the number of calls about pets trapped in cars usually doubles. They say just last week when it was 87-degrees, a woman left her dog in the car for at least half-an-hour. Even in the shade with a window down, police say the temperature grew to be 107 degrees in the car.



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