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Great '09 Eggo Crisis is Now Over

It's a Christmas miracle



    The world is running out of Eggos.

    Moms everywhere can breathe a sigh of relief: the Eggo frozen waffle is no longer an endangered species.  Kellogg's has announced all four waffle-making plants are back up and running.

    The supply won't be 100-percent for a few more months, but officials say the crisis has passed.

    The nationwide shortage of its Eggo frozen waffles was caused by production hiccups at two of its four plants.

    The company's plant in San Jose hummed along like a champ through the dark waffle-less days of November, taking pride that the toasty treat was invented here in the 1950s.

    San Jose is so proud of its Eggo connection, the city gave named one of its streets after the frozen treat. The Kellogg's factory is located at 475 Eggo Way off Highway 101.

    Bay Area shoppers may not have noticed a crisis at all if they shop at Costco.  Those who were willing to part with the $50 member fee could get all the breakfast items they wanted. That's because Kellogg's distributes products based on previous sales and apparently those waffles were selling like hotcakes at the warehouse chain.

    Lori Preuitt thinks this is more a "Festivus" miracle variety if she were being true to her favorite sit-com.

    Eggos San Jose Root

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    The country looks to San Jose for answers to the great waffle crisis of '09.
    (Published Monday, Nov. 23, 2009)