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Bay Area Garbage Hauler Overcharges Customers

Recology promises to make up for overcharge



    Bay Area Garbage Hauler Overcharges Customers
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    Recology San Mateo overcharges San Carlos garbage customers.

    If your latest trash hauling bill doesn't look right -- and you live on the peninsula -- you may be onto something.

    Recology San Mateo says residents and businesses in San Carlos were overcharged last month for garbage services.

    The waste hauler mistakenly sent San Carlos residents and businesses a bill at the end of January that included a 9.65 percent increase -- not the 5.3 percent increase the city council approved.

    Recology posted an apology on its website on Friday and said a credit for the difference in rates will be issued and reflected in customers' next bill. They are sending a letter out today notifying customers about the mistake and apologized for any inconvenience it may have caused.

    Recology noted on its website that the 9.65 percent increase was one of three rate options the San Carlos City Council considered at their meeting in October 2011. The council selected the 5.3 percent rate option.





    Recology asks customers to call (650) 595-3900 if they have any questions.