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Bay Area Responds to Day of Service Call



    Bay Area Responds to Day of Service Call
    Gardening is often a way volunteers "dig in" to calls for helping others.

    More than 40 people came out to volunteer in the Presidio Sunday morning as part of a nationwide effort to inspire volunteer service in  observance of the 10-year anniversary of the 9/11 attacks, park officials  said.

        The Presidio Trust partnered with HandsOn Bay Area (HOBA) to  organize volunteers to help clean up non-native shrubbery in an area known as  Park Scrub near Mountain Lake.     "The Presidio has long been a place of service," Presidio Trust  executive director Craig Middleton said in a statement. "We are honored to  take part in the National Day of Service and Remembrance as a way of paying  tribute to those lost on 9/11."
        The area getting the makeover will become the habitat for the  endangered San Francisco Lessingia, which is a rare flowering plant in the  daisy family, National Park Service biological science technician Coty  Sifuentes-Winter said.
        To go along with the 12 regular volunteers, HOBA brought in 32  extra bodies to help with the restoration project, Presidio Trust volunteer  coordinator Jenny McIlvaine said.
        "It's really an honor to have this many people come out to our  park," Sifuentes-Winter said.
        The Presidio hosts a number of different volunteer programs on a  weekly basis, including a weekly Sunday project, McIlvaine said.
        Frank Miller, who has been a regular volunteer at the Presidio for  about a year, was excited to see the number of people volunteering today.
        "It's really nice to see so many people," Miller said.
        Miller volunteers with the nursery, park stewards and forestry  departments.
        The National Day of Service and Remembrance is part of HOBA's  month-long "Season of Service," a campaign to engage 3,000 Bay Area  volunteers in performing 9,011 hours of service.
        HOBA is an affiliate of HandsOn Network, an alliance of innovative  volunteer management organizations around the world, and hosts a number of  monthly events including managing more than 80 direct-service projects per  month.
        HOBA was started by the families of the 9/11 victims and is used  to "create positive volunteer experiences" and for people who "want to be  part of something bigger," HOBA project manager Julie Walsh said.
        Sunday was the second of three "Season of Service" events.
        The film Speaking in Tongues was aired last Thursday at the  Presidio's Herbst Theatre and the Presidio Trust will be hosting a community  disaster preparedness training this Thursday at 7 p.m. in the Presidio Log  Cabin, officials said.

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