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Bay Area Superhero Helps Out in Seattle

Real life crime fighters help get gunman arrested



    Bay Area Superhero Helps Out in Seattle

    For those who think superheroes are characters of the funny books, think again. There are individuals and groups across the country who head out, in full costume, to patrol the streets, fighting crime and assisting citizens.

    One of the Bay Area's real life superheroes, named Motor Mouth, took a trip up to Seattle to ring in the New Year with fellow superhero Phoenix Jones.  The duo didn't get very far into 2012, before their services were required to quell a shooting situation.

    Motor Mouth jumped into action to hunt down a shooter after gunfire rang out.

    In an interview with SF Weekly, Motor Mouth said,

    "He had fired out enough rounds that if he had a revolver, he'd poured out all his rounds. When people asked where the shooter went, I said 'He's at the other end of the block, we need to go now, we need to go now!'"

    He went on,

    "We backed the guy into a corner. When he saw me in pitch black, he dropped to his knees and put up his hands, and I'm waving to the cops and saying, 'He went down the alley!' [The shooter] dropped straight down like a sack of potatoes."

    During all the commotion, Phoenix Jones managed to call 911, and the gunman was arrested.

    Below is video shot by Phoenix Jones of the incident.