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Bay Area's Fever About to Break



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    It's hot out there. Stay cool during the summer's first heat wave.

    One day of record-shattering high temperatures clearly wasn't enough. With morning "lows" in the 70s in many spots this morning, the stage was already set for another dose of oven-like heat for the Bay Area.

    Our forecast is tossing another heat advisory for the inland valleys through 8 p.m. So just how hot will it get? It depends on today's battle between a developing sea breeze versus some very hot, dry air inland. 

    As you'll know stepping inside a hot building or home, even after you've turned on the air conditioning it still takes time to cool things down. That looks to be the case today with the marine layer still very thin near 200-300 feet as of Wednesday morning.

    We're expecting many more 90s and 100s inland even as our "ocean a/c" unit begins to switch on later in the afternoon. For the coast and Peninsula, however, though ought to provide some relief heading into the late afternoon and evening. 

    Heat Continues Inland With Some Cooling

    [BAY] Heat Continues Inland With Some Cooling
    In one corner we have a very warm, dry airmass in place yielding morning temperatures in the 70s in many spots around the Bay Area. In the other corner we have a slowly strengthening sea breeze that should turn stronger by evening. Who wins? For today we'll say the heat should win out especially inland as it will take some time for the low clouds to pile up on the coast and onshore winds to kick in for our inland valleys to see some real relief. By Thursday and beyond however our weather will look more like what we've become accustomed to for our mild Summer so far. Highs will range in the 50s-60s along the coast and mainly 70s inland for Friday and the Weekend ahead.
    (Published Wednesday, Aug. 25, 2010)

    Expectations are areas further away from the bay and higher in elevation will be the hottest again. Livermore, Los Gatos, Morgan Hill come to mind as areas that will soar to the hottest temps around the Bay Area in the 100-106 range.

    All areas should cool down dramatically from Thursday and beyond as high pressure is replaced by its cooler counterpart -- an area of low pressure dropping down from the Gulf of Alaska heading into the weekend. This will encourage a much stronger sea breeze and the return of low clouds for the mornings.

    Rob Mayeda who is rocking out to Katy Perry's "Hot N Cold" (meteorologically appropriate) and figuring out how to use the track in the 7-Day Forecast.