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Man That Threatened Bay Bridge Suspected A Cheating Wife

"Marital problems" the cause of Thursday's bomb threat



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    The man threatening the Bay Bridge Thursday had marital problems.

    The bomb threat on the Bay Bridge Thursday that held up traffic for more than an hour was the result of marriage trouble.

    Craig Carlos-Valentino claimed to have explosives, a gun and his teenage daughter in his car Thursday morning, which obviously made it an unpleasant commute for hundreds of people.

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    Carlos-Valentino's wife, Jill Carlos-Valentino, sent out a statement that said they were in the process of separation and divorce.

    "He has been having a very hard time dealing with this emotionally," she said. "He must have reached his breaking point."

    The man's sister, Viviana Carlos, said her brother sent her a text message during the standoff with police. It said he thought his wife was cheating on him and that he was thinking about killing himself.

    When Carlos-Valentino called a local radio station with the threat, a bomb squad responded.

    Police negotiators eventually convinced the man to get out of his car. He stood on the water side of a concrete barrier near the edge of the bridge for about 30 minutes before surrendering.