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Bay to Breakers Gets Death-Row Reprieve



    Bay to Breakers Gets Death-Row Reprieve

    Good news for fans of public urination: Bay to Breakers will be back next year.

    The race was slated to end this year, with sponsors reluctant to support the notoriously debauched parade. Between the rowdy revelers and massive expense, donors have dried up and it looked like the 100th year would be the last.

    But Zazzle has come to the rescue. The company prints customized t-shirts, mugs, and other doodads, and they've committed to two years of sponsorship. A Zazzle executive explained that everyone at the company feels a close emotional bond to the event, so they couldn't bear to see it go away.

    They won't say how much it cost, just that it was a lot. It's anyone's guess what'll happen once this two-year contract is up.

    The 50,000 tickets have already sold out, but organizers may open up more slots, according to the Gate. But you might not want to bother paying to participate -- historically, you've been able to just drop in mid-route to drink and carouse for free.

    Organizers say that they'll enforce a ban on falling-down drunkenness and bulky gear. They've also said that they'll fence off the route to prevent in-and-outs, according to the Appeal, and lots of restrooms.

    There's also a race component earlier in the day that a few traditionalists participate in.