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Belmont and San Carlos Fire Department Split



    Belmont and San Carlos Fire Department Split
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    A fire partnership is set to dissolve next fall.

    Belmont and San Carlos have agreed to disagree after a mediation  talk on Friday, with plans under way to pursue separate fire and emergency  service departments.

    The Belmont-San Carlos Fire Department partnership is slated to  dissolve by Oct. 12, according to city officials.

    Both cities came to the conclusion during a 10 a.m. mediation held  in the San Carlos Police Station inside City Hall.

    "The cities acknowledge they did not reach agreement today," the  two cities said in a statement. "Due to issues unique to each city, each is  now pursuing separate fire services...

    "Both cities remain open to regional cooperation with all their  neighbors to pursue cost effective, high quality life safety services for  their communities."

    The meeting was led by Judge Zerne Haning III of JAMS Meditation  Services, an Irvine-based dispute resolution provider.