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Berkeley Gets a New Liberal Icon



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    Getty Images for Meet the Press
    DailyKos website Founder and Publisher Markos Moulitsas speaks during a taping of the "Meet the Press" at the NBC studios.

    Markos Moulitsas likes to make Bill O'Reilly cry.

    The liberal blogger is one of the left's answer to the popular Fox News television host. And Moulitsas also just happens to call Berkeley, the home of liberal stereotypes, home and where he launched his popular blog the Daily Kos.

    Moulitsas recently spoke with about giving up his cusy commute, which involved waking up and turning on his computer, to walking two blocks to a new office space for his blog and those who work on it.

    The popular blogger is renting an office space near the Ashby BART station in Berkeley that he says will house 15 employees.

    Before the end of the year he hopes to expand the workforce to about 20.

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