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Berkeley School Sitting on Shortage



    Berkeley School Sitting on Shortage
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    Hartford teachers complain about the way schools are being managed as they get ready for a new school year.

    It's no big news that schools in our state are facing shortages because of the budget disaster.

    Now there's word out of Berkeley that students are taking to the floor, sitting on sofas and fold-up chairs a because of a lack of seats. The campus is short about 120 desks, according to their newspaper.

    The Chronicle's Matier and Ross talk about the seat shortage in their column:

    Sixteen-year-old senior Noah Bashevkin tells us his economics class is so crowded that sometimes he and classmates have been forced to plop down on folding chairs or a sofa.


    The student took a test recently while using a binder in his lap as a writing surface.

    The school district is supposed to get a shipment of new desks by mid-November.