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Berkeley Students Condemn 'Diversity' Bake Sale



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    UC Berkeley student leaders have condemned a Republican group's satirical diversity bake sale offering pastry prices based on race and gender.

    Student senators at the University of California campus say in a 19-0 vote on Sunday that the bake sale is discriminatory.

    The San Francisco Chronicle says the Berkeley College Republicans still plan to hold Tuesday's bake sale on campus. The event is designed to denounce a bill now on Gov. Jerry Brown's desk that would allow California public universities to consider race, ethnicity and gender in student admissions.

    The GOP group on Tuesday will sell baked goods priced according to race, gender and ethnicity: - "White/Caucasian'' pastries for $2, "Asian/American'' for $1.50, "Latino/Hispanic'' for $1, "Black/African American'' for 75 cents, and "Native American'' for a quarter. Women get a 25-cent discount.