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Bill For Bay Bridge Walking Party is $37 Per Head

Bay Bridge toll-crossers will pay $37 per person to have 150,000 people cross the Bridge.



    The new Bay Bridge span alongside the old one.

    Would you want to pay $37 to walk across the Bay Bridge? A better question might be: would you like to pay $37 for someone else to cross the Bay Bridge -- like it or not?

    In order to have 150,000 pedestrians walk, bike, run and amble across the new eastern span of the Bay Bridge before it is opened to traffic Labor Day weekend, a $5.6 million bill must be paid.

    That's $37 per walker, cash to be footed by toll-payers who drive across the bridge for years to come, according to the San Francisco Chronicle.

    Or, with a FasTrak, a little more than seven crossings' worth.

    Somehow, it's "twice as much per person" than tollpayers shelled out in order to"shuttle 15,000 walkers" across the new Carquinez Bridge in 2003, the newspaper reported.

    The bridge bash is to include a 12.5 mile run from Oakland City Hall to San Francisco City Hall, a bike race, and a concert at Treasure Island, all of which will be funded by private donors, the newspaper reported.

    All traffic is scheduled to shut down at 8 p.m. Aug. 28 as the final construction moves on the Bridge are made. Then bikers will be able to pedal across for a fee, and then on Labor Day morning is the footrace.

    Then and only then, will 150,000 people who request free tickets get to make the 5 mile walk from Oakland to San Francisco. That's the one taxpayers will pay for. It will require shuttles, porta-potties, security, and othe costs.