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Bill Lockyer Files for Divorce from Wife, Nadia

Sex, lies, and videotape leads to divorce filing for political couple.



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    Was it the affair with a drug addict, was it the alleged sex tape, was it the struggle with sobriety -- or in some cases - reality?

     Whatever it was, it created differences - irreconcilable differences between state Treasurer Bill Lockyer and his wife, former Alameda County Supervisor Nadia Lockyer, from whom he filed for divorce on Friday, according to reports.
    Bill Lockyer, 71, married Nadia Lockyer, 41, nine years ago. They have a nine-year old son, the San Francisco Chronicle reported.
    Lockyer, an old political war horse who has held state offices including treasurer and attorney general, endured a string of public embarrassments related to his wife's conduct. The latest was a car crash on Friday, in which Nadia Lockyer crashed her car outside the family's Hayward home, according to reports.
    She "thought someone was following her, and ran into a pole and a tree when she phoned her husband" to report being followed, the newspaper reported.
    Nadia Lockyer made the news when Bill Lockyer funneled millions of dollars into her county supervisor campaign, an astronomical sum for what is not a high-profile office. 
    She was in headlines for the wrong reasons in February, when she told police she'd been assaulted by a man in a Newark hotel room. The man turned out to be a former lover she met in rehab, and the meeting they had appeared to be a tryst gone wrong, according to reports.
    The boyfriend, Steve Chikhani, was later accused of being involved in sending a sex tape featuring Nadia to Bill Lockyer, according to reports. Chikhani's attorney has denied wrongdoing.
    Bill Lockyer denied comment. Nadia Lockyer says she has been sober for 200 days, and is looking forward to being a better mother.