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Bill Maher Still Hearts Gavin

Gavin Newsom takes the national political stage.



    Bill Maher Still Hearts Gavin
    Gavin Newsom looks right at home sitting next to Gloria Steinem

    He may not be the mayor of one of the country's most treasured cities, but Gavin Newsom still "has it" according to Bill Maher.

    Now Lt. Gov. Newsom was one of the featured guests on this week's nationally broadcast HBO show along with the likes of TC Boyle, Gloria Steinem, Ezra Klein and Tracey Ullman.

    In the 5:47 clip
    posted on line, which is actually the post-show question and answer time, Newsom shows he still has charisma. First he comments on the tough job of balancing budgets. He says it often comes down to a balance between what to give to the next generation (young people) and what to give the senior population. Maher declared the latter the third rail of politics.

    He also explained the reason Republican candidates aren't announcing they are running for president in 2012 is because of the amount of money it takes to run. He said the GOP is also trying to figure out where Pres. Barack Obama is going to be come election time adding that they hope to put him on the defense when it comes to the economy.

    Ep. 204: March 4, 2011 - Overtime