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Bill for Occupy Oakland: $3 Million and Counting

Occupy Oakland has meant millions of dollars in bills for police services for the city.



    Bill for Occupy Oakland: $3 Million and Counting
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    A pedestrian walks by an Occupy Wall Street tent city in front of Oakland city hall on October 13, 2011 in Oakland, California.

    The camps are gone and the protesters have moved on, but the bill is still coming to Oakland taxpayers for the Occupy Oakland drama.

    The city pays upwards of $50,000 a week to have 100 officers -- 20 percent of the city's total patrol force -- on hand on Saturday nights during the movement's weekly demonstrations, the San Francisco Chronicle reported.

    Add that to the millions in police costs -- overtime and such -- racked up when the tent city was up in Frank Ogawa Plaza, and the total bill for Occupy is up to $3 million and rising, according to the San Francisco Chronicle's Matier and Ross.

    The columnists note that this bill is handed to taxpayers at the same time as hundreds of workers will be laid off for lack of money.