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Bin Laden Death Brings Company Huge Business

Zazzle sales are through the roof since the death announcement of bin Laden.



    Bin Laden Death Brings Company Huge Business
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    Copies of a newspaper are seen outside the World Trade Center site after the death of accused 9-11 mastermind Osama bin Laden was announced by U.S. President Barack Obama.

    Can a technology company actually profit from the death of Osama Bin Laden?  Yes, if the shirt fits...

    Zazzle's San Jose production factory is, as of monday morning, cranking out shirts, hats, you name it, that have to do with the death of Osama. The company that typically prints up shirts and mugs for everything from your kid's little league team to Charlie Sheen's latest saying is now busily trying to keep up with demand for shirts that say things like, "Obama Got Osama," and "Rest in Hell Osama Bin Laden." 

    You'll undoubtedly see these shirts, and be served tea in these mugs in the days to come. Now you know where the stuff is made.

    Zazzle is a dot com success story. It also does local manufacturing, in an era where that kind of thing is typically outsourced. This is one of those days where, because of a news event (and people's desire to wear the news on their chests) pays off for the company. Not long ago, the Meg Whitman campaign for governor held a rally at Zazzle's facility, to capitalize on their - and her - success in the online marketplace.

    So, if you want a quick souvenir that lets you wear your patriotism on your sleeve, literally, check out  And, really, that is a cool skateboard.

    Scott already has too many shirts, but the skateboard?  He's on Twitter:  @scottbudman