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Dead Ducks: Birds Found Shot Near Oakland Airport



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    It is voluntary for pilots, airlines and airports to file reports about wildlife strikes, according to the FAA. Experts believe only about 20 percent of all strikes are reported, so they believe any attempt to compare airports or airlines can be misleading.

    Birds and planes don't mix. The famous case involving the plane Captain Chelsey Sullenberger safely landed in the Hudson Bay proves that. But now, contractors hired to clear birds from runways at the Oakland International Airport are under fire for allegedly taking a violent approach to the job.

    The California Department of Fish and Game is investigating the shooting of about 60 birds -- including sea gulls, ducks, cormorants and pelicans -- found floating not far from the airport near Oyster Bay Regional Shoreline last week, the Oakland Tribune reports.

    The US. Department of Agriculture contracts with the airport to help rid the runways of birds and avoid bird strikes. Usually, contractors use nonlethal methods, airport spokesman Robert Bernardo told the Oakland Tribune.

    But, "Depending on the situation, they may have to use lethal methods," Bernardo said.