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'Birthers' Sue in Calif. to Verify Candidates' Eligibility

Politicians, voters sue during election to see birth certificates.



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    The recent lawsuit -- filed during an election and not after -- seeks to tighten the proof-of-eligibility rules in California's elections for those seeking office.

    A write-in conservative candidate, along with voters and an organized group of "birthers," have filed suit in California wanting candidates to prove their eligibilty to be on any ballot.

    Having already sued President Obama (on his Inaugural Day), this group of plaintiffs have taken the advice of the judge in that case and sued during an election, rather than after one, to have all candidates' prove their citizenship, according to the LA Times.

    This time, however, the focus of the complaint is Mitt Romney, GOP front-runner for the Republican nomination. Romney's parents lived in Mexico for many years.

    John Albert Dummett Jr, a Republican write-in candidate for president of the United States, is involved in this lawsuit, as well as in the previous one. The suit, filed March 20, asks California State Attorney General Debra Bowen to require all candidates on the state's ballot to prove their citizenship and eligibility to run for public office.

    Obama, under pressure from commentators and conservative activists, released his Hawaii birth certificate in May 2011. Undaunted, the group told the U.S. 9th Court of Appeals that they believed the certifcate to be a forgery, along with other documents from the president.

    That suit was thrown out of court.

    This suit, made public Wednesday, denotes that Dummett