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Black Business Leaders Renew San Francisco Tourism Industry Boycott

Too few jobs in hotels to go city's blacks, business leaders say.



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    There aren't yet enough jobs in the San Francisco tourism industry for the liking of the city's black business leaders.

    This boycott is not over. Not until jobs in San Francisco's tourism industry go to black people.

    African-American business leaders have informed the San Francisco tourism industry that their boycott of the city's top moneymaker is not over, according to the San Francisco Bay View.

    "The Chamber’s concerns and demands have not been addressed," according to Fred Jordan, president of the African American Chamber of Commerce, "and we want to make it clear that until they are, this boycott is not over."

    The chamber says that too few jobs in the city's hotels, restaurants and convention centers go to black people. They have called for more hiring, more job training, and a recognition that not enough is being done, the newspaper reported.

    Earlier, a truce seemed to be in effect, when business leaders said they'd met with tourism officials.

    However, tourism group San Francisco Travel "circumvent[ed]" the boycott when it issued a press release declaring the issue resolved.

    Nothing could be further from the truth, according to chamber members.

    So far, the boycott has cost the city $32 million, with large African-American conventions staying away from San Francisco, according to the chamber.

    Unless progress is made by April 1, the boycott will intensify, the newspaper reported.