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New Flight Option For Bay Area Jet Set

Uber investors, Ashton Kutcher on board



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    Yeah, everyone is making a big deal about the gazillion dollar merger between US Airways and American Airlines, creating the world's biggest airline.

    For my flying dollars, I'd perfer something a bit more intimate. And that's what's coming to the Bay Area, thanks to BlackJet.

    BlackJet, headquartered in Florida, just announced plans to fly out of San Francisco. The Bay Area connections make sense for the airline, because there are so many of them. For example, Garrett Camp, co-founder of SF-based Uber, is on board as an investor. As is e-commerce stud Shervin Pishevar.

    Oh, and look a little further, and you'll see help from the likes of Overbrook Entertainment, founded by Will Smith, and Roc Nation, an entertainment company started by Jay-Z.

    You on board yet?

    BlackJet is taking advantage of Valentine's Day, by blowing the Bay Area a nice kiss, via a launch party in San Francisco's Union Square. 

    Lots of giveaways, including complimentary memberships to 1,000 people who come to the event. 

    The tech industry loves small competitors, and, thanks to Tesla, the auto industry is also getting known for fiesty small companies.

    With BlackJet, the airline industry, which just keeps getting bigger, has someone smaller to cheer for, too.

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