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Blind Sea Lion Headed to SF Zoo

Silent Knight moving into new digs soon.



    In a press release today from the SF Zoo, it was announced that the sea lion blinded by a gunshot to the face, will be moving in.

    Silent Knight was rescued in 2008, after he lost his vision following severe trauma to his head leaving his right eye destroyed. The Marine Mammal Center, which rescued the injured animal, needed to find a permanent home for him, as he couldn't be released back into the wild in the condition he is in.

    “This is the best possible outcome for Silent Knight,” said Tanya Peterson, executive director and president of the San Francisco Zoo.

    Silent Knight will be joined by his companion Henry.

    “We’re extremely pleased that Silent Knight and Henry will receive a permanent home at the San Francisco Zoo,” said Jeff Boehm, executive director at The Marine Mammal Center. “We hope that Silent Knight’s story of how he came into the Center’s care, with significant shotgun wounds to his face and eyes, will highlight the occurrence of these horrific crimes and ultimately inspire people to care more about these animals, and inspire greater stewardship of their ocean home.”

    Once the pair have settled into their new home, the zoo will host a debut event.

    For more info and and updates on Silent Knight, visit the Marine Mammal Center, or the SF Zoo online.