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Police Recover Boat Motors Stolen From Disabled Sailors



    Boat Engines Stolen From Disabled Sailors

    Bay Area Association of Disabled Sailors unsure when program can get back on the water after the non profit was recently hit with thefts of five boat engines. Jean Elle reports. (Published Tuesday, May 28, 2013)

    Boat motors that were stolen from a nonprofit that helps disabled sailors get on water have been recovered by San Francisco police.

    Thieves on Monday night took five outboard motors from Pier 40. The engines belong to the Bay Area Association of Disabled Sailors, a group dedicated to getting the disabled and veterans of war on the water in sail boats.

    "I'm more hurt then angry," says Charles Cunningham, a volunteer.

    He's determined to find alternative boats or motors so sailors expecting to catch some wind this weekend won't be disappointed. Police are currently holding the recovered engines to be processed as evidence.

    BAADS Commodore Cristina Rubke, doesn't know what condition the motors are in.

    "This is a huge problem, plus we have a shoe-string budget frankly," she said.

    Rubke is also a disabled sailor who uses specially designed BAADS boats. She controls her sailboat by moving a joy stick with her chin.

    "It was awesome. I thought it was great I have the ability to sail given my disability it wasn’t expected. It's a great opportunity to engage in a sport and engage actively," she said.

    With that kind of excitement in mind, Rubke and all the volunteers at BAADS are determined to find a way to get the sailing program afloat this weekend.